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    VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Canadian novelist W.P. Kinsella, who blended magical realism and baseball in the book that became the smash hit film Field of Dreams, has died. He was 81.His literary agent Carolyn Swayze said in a statement that Kinsellas death on Friday in Hope, British Columbia was doctor-assisted. Details about his health were not disclosed. Assisted deaths became legal in Canada
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    What was the best thing about the 2011 Sielatycki Invitational?

    Posted by Tom Sielatycki July 20, 2011 - 1 vote - 1,523 views
    Allan & Carole Nahra hosted another fantastic Sielatycki Invitational and Family Reunion this year. Special thanks to the entire Nahra Family for their support and especially Ted Rutkowski for his namesake.