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  • Novice card booking "DMC:" our areaWhat is the biggest advantage of

    PC games relative to console games? I believe a lot of players will answer: is the picture! Yes, the console game is really great,http://www.tokyotales.com/mt_admin/mt-search.cgi, but in the picture, we can only enjoy the same treatment. The PC game is completely suitable for those who have a higher pursuit of the picture, or more love "toss" screen options players. After all, now the picture technology advances, how can you look at it?


    today we translate for the conscience of this foreign media dsogaming selection in 2013 specifically for PC conscience optimization of the 9 games. It is important to note that the "optimization" not only to optimize allocation of low-end machines,http://www.bikerone.se/cgi-bin/gb/guestbook.cgi,Colorato 2017 Moncler Aphrotiti Giacca, but mainly refers to the game (especially in the picture) on the PC version made a lot of deepening and adjustment, so you can experience more advantages on the PC screen. Can also be summarized as a simple and more high-end screen options for you toss.

    as a PC player, you have the potential to play these games? Welcome to share with us.

    9 "

    5" devil may cry

    Unreal Engine 3 conscience representative works. "Devil May Cry 5" picture gorgeous and colorful, although new Dante may not be as old as the handsome and popular, but "Devil May Cry 5" on different platforms have excellent performance. Even if the number of enemies with the same screen, the machine will not be too much pressure. "5" is the optimization of devil may cry this year's surprise.

    concluded: "" Devil May Cry 5 "is undoubtedly a pleasant surprise. Even if the effect of the game is fully open, but also can be very smooth in the low-end computer running, and the game's color is also a highlight of the level of design. Ninja Theory did not pay too much attention to highlight a variety of special effects, but also very attentive to PC. Optimization of multi core is obvious, and unlike the island Cry 3,, so you do not need high-end graphics can also get a smooth experience. This is a game that looks great and is fun to play."


    ",http://wdha.jp/schedule/schedule.cgi; Devil May Cry 5


    " Devil May Cry 5


    " Devil May Cry 5

    <="" />: "Devil May Cry 5" on page 12345678 page 9

    editor: Archangel

    新手卡预订   《DMC:鬼泣》专区

      PC游戏相对于主机游戏最大的优势是什么?相信不少玩家都会回答:是画面!没错,http://www.forestarium.com/cgi-box/phboard.cgi,Moncler Lazare Vestes Officiel,主机游戏确实很棒,但在画面上,大家只能享受同等待遇。而PC 游戏则完全适合那些对画面有更高追求,或者说更爱“折腾”画面选项的玩家。毕竟现在的画面技术突飞猛进,Moncler 2018 Gaze Encapuchonné Manteaux Bon Marché,怎么能眼睁睁的傻看着呢?

    拒绝无脑移植 2013专为PC优化的9款游戏





      总结:“《鬼泣5》毫无疑问是一个愉快的惊喜。游戏就算效果全开,也能很流畅的在中低端的电脑上运行,而且游戏的出彩的关卡设计也是一大亮点,http://www.luellasebo.com/guestbook/guestbook.cgi,Moncler Lionel Padded Jakker Outlet。 Ninja Theory没有太注重凸显各种特效,而且对待PC也很用心。对多核心的优化显而易见,Canada Goose Rideau Anorak Descuento Salida,http://www.aurosiksha.org/login/index.php?item/create_form/1,而且不像《孤岛惊魂3》那样,不需要高端的显卡也能获得流畅的体 验。这就是一部看上去棒,玩起来也爽的游戏。”








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