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  • Do you want a cookie maker?
    <br="" machine1. uses the biscuit machine make cookies, the batter must be soft, but not too soft, too hard to squeeze down, is not formed, even if the forming pattern is also will not be clear, so be sure to use a special formula of biscuit machine can;
    2. cookie machine, usually with a positive and negative side (there are a number of two sides is not the same as the positive and negative), the protruding side to rush to the biscuit barrel, the other side of the sealing ring;
    3. key is sent cookies, butter, butter, add powder materials sent, must use a rubber spatula to mix, do not mix with the hand, because of the special low melting point butter, a hand on the butter, butter, the air will run away in the process in the parcel sent that made cookies will be oil and hard,Canada Goose manitoba gilete en soldes, poor taste; butter cannot be played, liquid materials, such as egg, cream, milk not once added too much, otherwise there is water and oil separation condition is not good. Of course, once the water and oil separation phenomenon,, you can put a little bit of powder into the fight to continue, the situation will be eased. However, as far as possible not to play into the water and oil separation, otherwise the taste will decline;
    4. batter with a spoon into the biscuit barrel, a little pressure, put the flowers into the closed ring, the ring will be closed to the biscuit barrel, must be aligned, tighten;
    5. do the cookie batter, can be used immediately into the biscuit machine, if special reasons need to be placed in the refrigerator, but also try not to cold for too long, because of the freezing point of butter is also low, a long time will harden, and then remove the melted butter into liquid, taste will deteriorate;

    1,http://roscoff-culture-collection.org/protocols,Mujer Capa 2017 Socket Venta Al Por Mayor.使用饼干机做曲奇,面糊一定要较软,但又不能太软,太硬了挤不下来,太软了不会成型,即使勉强成形了花纹也会不会清晰,因此一定要用专用的饼干机的配方才可以;
    2.饼干机的花片,通常是有正反面的(有一些两面一样的是不分正反面的),Moncler Suyen Cheap Jacket,突出来的一面要冲向饼干桶,另一面冲着封闭环;
    3.做曲奇,重点是打发黄油,黄油打发好、加入粉类材料时,Moncler Lucien Short Jacken 30% Ausverkauf,一定要用橡皮刮刀来拌,http://community.preloved.co.uk/reviews,千万不能用手抓拌,因为黄油的融点特别低,http://www.lazarevskaya.ru/fotoreviews/E_GuestBook.asp,一上手黄油就化了,黄油一化,打发过程中包裹进去的空气就会跑掉,做出来的曲奇就会又油又硬,口感极差;黄油也不能打过,液态材料,如鸡蛋、淡奶油、牛奶等不能一次加得过多,否则出现水油分离的状态就肯定不好了。当然,一旦出现水油分离现象,可以放一点点低粉进去继续搅打,情况会有所缓解。不过,还是尽量不要打成水油分离,否则口感会有所下降;
    4.面糊用勺子装进饼干桶中之后,稍压一下,把花片放入封闭环中,Moncler Suyen Bon Marché Veste,http://www.forthbc.org.uk/cgi-bin/guestbook/guestbook.cgi,将封闭环拧到饼干桶中,一定要对齐、旋紧;